Companies are important promotion agents to the economic development in a Country, as well for its technological advance. They have large creative capacity and resources generation in a context where the environmental preservation depends more and more of the cooperative and integrated actions of all economic areas also it’s part of the development process with the targets incorporation of a sustainable policy and promotion of human rights. In this way, our company is on this standard and searches to find innovative methods, sustainable and effective to work in partnership with the community to build the common welfare.

Installation regulation with government agencies as Fire Brigade, Cetesb, City Hall and others.

  • Management, Administration and Technical Solution development for projects, Engineering Procedures and Environment.
  • Technical-Financial Viability Study.
  • Preparation of internal standards of facilities and equipment, specifications.
  • Raising of Environmental aspects and impacts.
  • Management of Industrial sediments.
  • Management of Chemical products.
  • Management of Atmospheric emissions.
  • Management of Industrial potable water, Fluvial and Waste Pipe.