Industrial Engineering Supply on several segments.

It covers detailed multidisciplinary engineering of all items, allowing to reduce the risks of enterprises considerably.

Monitoring and Assembly, Technical File, Field Engineering and Construction Management.

We have developed on the most diversified areas, offering a whole group and complete of engineering, procurement and construction.


Become reality the great projects idealized by our customers and partners.

Quality Policy

The CONNECT DESIGN® promotes continuous improvement in all aspects of your business to achieve competitive challenges to be recognized as the preferred company in quality and is defined as follows:

  • Meet the need of our customers.
  • Provide continuous improvement of our processes.


Dedication and compromise with our customers.


Since the beginning of activities in 1995 CONNECT Design® aims to maintain the respect and trust with its customers, key factor to win the credibility to its development in the market.

  • We are providing solutions for national and international customers for more than 20 years.
  • More than 250 customers.
  • More than 1,500 multidisciplinary projects carried out.
  • Winner of the Business Excellence Award for two consecutive years (2008/2009).
  • 100% national capital.
  • Performance in Brazil (projects in 21 states).
  • Acting abroad (USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Belgium).

ISO 9001 and M G M T .SYS RvA C024 Certification


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